Robotic Folding, with RoboFold

Between 2011 and 2014, I collaborated with RoboFold, a robotic fabrication company based in London. We developed parametric processes to control and calibrate their two in-house 6-axis ABB robots simultaneously. […]

Shell Lace Projects, by Tonkin Liu

Overview : ‘Shell Lace’ is an innovative structural technique that Tonkin Liu are developing with support from Arup engineers. It is a structural typology that mimics natural forms such as […]

AKT Bioclimatic Design Toolkit

I have been supporting AKT’s in-house Bioclimate Team, and helping them develop a digital Bioclimate Toolkit, for the past 3-4 years. This Toolkit enables rapid and highly detailed analysis of […]

‘Protean’ Archilace Sculpture

This is another project focusing on Archilace, a structural typology that I studied at a Design Modelling Symposium 2015 workshop in Copenhagen. Archilace was first explored and developed by the […]

Recursion + Cracking

VB scripts and physical paper models used to explore recursive ‘cracking’ scripts and techniques (similar to barycentric subdivision), as discussed in “Tooling” by Aranda/Lasch.

Al Fayah Park, by Heatherwick Studio

I have worked on the Park through Concept and Schematic Stages, for the project engineers AKT II. Working alongside the Heatherwick Studio team, we developed a ‘master’ parametric model that […]

Mesh Traverse Library

I have been experimenting with ‘mesh walking’ for a number of years. Initially these were entirely self-coded exercises, that walked pre-assembled unstructured vertex-based Rhino Tri- and Quad- Meshes using Python […]

3D Printed Wireframe Nodes

Self initiated project: The ‘Wireframe’ script produces unique numbered Nodes that can be rapid-prototyped and assembled with hollow tubing, to quickly create physical wireframe models. The script has adjustable parameters […]


Material experimentation: a temporary mylar and glass-fibre rod sculpture, made by the team at AKT.

Robotic Assembly, with RoboFold

Alongside my ‘Curved Folding‘ research with RoboFold, I also worked on a series of parametric tools that simulate brick stacking, to enable the assembly of non-uniform brick walls with robots. […]

Doha Grand Hotel, by Heatherwick Studio

I was involved in the preliminary design feasibility stage of this 300,000m2 development during my employment at Heatherwick Studio. My responsibilities included in-depth computer modelling, visualization, floor plate and core […]