‘Blake’, ‘Folly’, ‘Enspire’ and others sculptures, by DeWitt Godfrey

Since 2016, myself and the rest of the P.art team at AKT have been supporting artist DeWitt Godfrey on a series of cellular sculptures.

We’ve developed computational design tools to help DeWitt explore multiple design options during the development phase of each sculpture. These tools also allow him to select a final design and automatically generate fabrication information – cutting templates, connectivity (=assembly) information, and so on.

As with so many of our art collaborations, these tools were refined through many conversations with the artist, where we discovered which aspects of his particular design approach and sensibilities could be ’embedded’ within the digital tools.

The end result of this process is a digital ‘toolkit’ that is quite bespoke to this artist, his process and his artistic expression.

Testing circle packing processes across different forms :

Projects I’ve completed with DeWitt :
BuiltIn Progress
· Simon – 2020· Venice Biennale 2020 – sculpture completed – awaiting rescheduling of Biennale)
· Gazebo and Memoria – 2019· Portland, Alameda and Denver – in progress
· Blake – 2018 – more information here
· Folly and Enspire – 2017 – info here and here.
Some of the early collaborations between Godfrey DeWitt and AKT

Various computational design development studies :

(exploring connections, packing, module sizes, and so on)

Making paper maquettes, to test assembly labelling and sequencing :

Completed sculptures :

Assembly process for ‘Enspire’ :

Further Information :

· See more images of all DeWitt’s projects at his Instagram (@dewittgodfreystudio), or his website.

· An article on the ‘Cellular Sculptures of DeWitt Godfrey‘ in CodaWorx magazine.

· Some beautiful detail photos of ‘Enspire‘ at the bottom of this page.