Landscape Modelling, with Gustafson Porter + Bowman


Working with Gustafson Porter has given me a strong understanding of digital modelling processes for landscape design.

I have produced several high-fidelity 3D topographical models for large projects in urban and rural locations. These models have to incorporate a variety of detail: all soft and hard landscape surface features, contours, breaklines, roads & paths, natural & artificial zones of water, and so on.

As a result these models must be very precise in areas (for example when we must achieve a specific path slope or set a drainage point), while other areas are less clearly defined and instead must be ‘intuitively’ regraded and moulded to smoothly transition between the fixed datums and levels.

Modelling these landscapes therefore requires a strong understanding of topography and high-end surface modelling techniques – such as tangential surfacing and curvature analysis. These techniques are more often seen in disciplines such as product design, where it can be vital to achieve tangency and surface continuity.

To aid this process I developed a set of landscape-specific scripts and parametric tools that can generate and analyse a range of features such as slope ratio, Isopach, contour, TIN spacing, and so on.


Various Landscape Projects

Surface Analysis Tools

Curvature Analysis

Landscape models created using survey data and ortho-rectified aerial photography