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an inventory of projects produced by Jeg Dudley, a computational designer based in London.

Jeg holds a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Architecture, both from the University of Bath. His Master’s thesis analysed the architectural implications of digital modelling and computer-aided manufacturing techniques.

After graduating, Jeg worked for companies including Thomas Heatherwick Studio, Gustafson Porter, RoboFold and Atmos. During this time he gained experience in digital design processes such as parametric design & scripting (C#, Python, RhinoVB/ RhinoCommon, GH), freeform surface modelling, robotic fabrication and form-finding through physics simulation.

He has run many workshops in collaboration with RoboFold, and has given solo workshops/ lectures at academic institutions such as The Royal College of Art, The University of Westminster and The University of Bath.

Jeg is an Associate at the London engineering firm AKT II – working as a computational design specialist within their Parametric Applied Research Team (


Other notable work:


Co-Author of paper “The 2016 Serpentine Pavilion: A Case Study in Large-Scale GFRP Structural Design and Assembly” published in “Fabricate: Rethinking Design & Construction” (2017 – UCL Press) and presented at the “Fabricate 2017″ Conference

Stuttgart, Germany

The paper was co-written with James Kingman and Ricardo Baptista.
It was also presented at the Fabricate 2017 conference, held at the University of Stuttgart, by James and my colleague Edoardo Tibuzzi.
Read the paper online here, or buy a hardback version.


Tutor for Westminster MArch DigiRep (Digital Representation) Course 2016-17

London, UK

Assembled and taught this 10 Session course on ‘Performative Parametrics’.

Tutor for 4-day ‘Intelligent Fabrication’ Workshop, ENSA-V

National School of Architecture, Versailles, France

Workshop for 130+ students, focusing on the computer-assisted design, optimisation and assembly of ‘Archilace’ structures.
Workshop kindly arranged by Klaas de Rycke, and tutored by Mathias Gmachl (, Moritz Heimrath and Adam Orlinski (both from Bollinger-Grohmann engineers and Karamba), Kristjan Plagborg Nielsen, and myself.

Visiting Tutor for 2 day Mapping & Computational Design Workshop at UCL – MArch Urban Design RC14

London, UK

Unit led by Roberto Botazzi and Kostas Grigoriadis.


Visiting Tutor for Workshop with MArch Architecture students, Westminster University

London, UK

Unit led by Roberto Botazzi and Lindsay Bremner (GeoArchitecture).

Attendee at ‘Design Modelling Symposium’ 2015 Conference & Workshop

Copenhagen, Denmark

Workshop focused on ‘Designing, Simulating and Making Light Composite-Fibre Structures’, utilising form-finding and structural analysis software, as well as custom-built mesh topology plugins.
// Event run by Mathias Gmachl (, Daniel Piker (Kangaroo), John Harding, Will Pearson and Kristjan Plagborg Nielsen.


‘Mobile Orchard’ Sculpture presented at ‘Fabricate 2014′ Conference by Atmos/ Alex Haw

Zurich, Switzerland

Project was presented in lecture entitled “The Mobile Orchard: Growing Ergonomic, Edible, Aerial Datascapes”.

Attendee at ‘Advances in Architectural Geometry’ 2014 Conference & Workshop

London, UK

Workshop was entitled ‘RhinoPython library to generate grid-structure on double curved surface’, and run by Raul Kalvo (CityForm Lab).

Visiting Tutor for Workshop with MArch Architecture students, Westminster University

London, UK

Unit led by Roberto Botazzi and Lindsay Bremner (GeoArchitecture).


Tutor for ‘Robotic Fabrication’ Workshop Przemiany Festival 2013

Warsaw, Poland

Tutoring alongside Greg Epps/ RoboFold at this half day workshop, teaching the fundamentals of Curved Folding and robotic simulation at the Przemiany Festival 2013. Workshop organised by SuperSuper and Bridge.

Attendee at 2 week ‘Force-Based Design’ Workshop

Bauhaus Summerschool, Weimar, Germany

Workshop teaching fundamental principles of engineering, as well as digital methods for structural analysis and optimization. See the Detailed Study page. Course led by Prof. Dr. Alexander Stahr (HTWK Leipzig) and Dipl.-Ing. Christian Heidenreich (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar).

RMIT Lecture on ‘Parametric Design Processes & Projects’

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Lecture to Landscape Architecture students. Unit led by Sam Johnston (SEM Design).

Visiting Tutor for Workshops with MArch Architecture & Interiors units, Royal College of Art

London, UK



Attendee at ‘Panelling and Geometric Optimization of Freeform Envelopes’ Workshop

London, UK

Workshop run by Florin Isvoranu (Evolute).

Visiting Tutor for Workshops with ADS1 unit, Royal College of Art

London, UK

Teaching digital design principles and software (using RhinoVB Scripting & GH) to ADS1 unit led by Alex Haw (Atmos) and Roberto Botazzi.


Tutor at ‘Shape To Fabrication 2011′ Workshop

London, UK

See here for further information.

Assistant Tutor at ‘Robotic Facade Fabrication’ Workshop

London, UK

Workshop run by Gregory Epps (RoboFold) and Daniel Piker (Kangaroo).

RoboFold Exhibition for DesignLondon, at the Royal College of Art

London, UK

Responsible for computational development and physical modelling of several furniture prototypes. The geometry of each prototype was established by digitally simulating the bending of curved folds in sheet material. Through an inverse kinematics process, the positional information in these simulations is then used to drive robotic manufacturing equipment during production.
// Furniture prototypes designed by Gregory Epps (RoboFold).

Attendee at ‘Generative Design for Robotic Manufacture’ Workshop

London, UK

Participant in workshop that studied the use of digital design tools and robotic manufacturing processes in the creation of developable-surface based geometries. These geometries were refined in parametric software (Rhino + Grasshopper) and analysed in physics simulation software (Kangaroo) to assess their suitability for robotic manufacture. This technique has applications in the production of furniture, sculpture, product design and the creation of full scale architectural elements.
// Workshop run by Gregory Epps (RoboFold) and Daniel Piker, author of Kangaroo.


Vertical Promenade scheme included in the ‘Vertical Gardens’ Exhibition

Exit Art Gallery, New York, USA

Project with ATOPIA.

MArch Lecture on Acoustic Analysis through Digital Modelling

University of Bath, UK


Vertical Promenade scheme included in the Harrison’s ‘Global Warming’ Exhibition

Feldman Gallery, New York, USA

Project with ATOPIA.


MArch Thesis published in “Scratching the Surface” book

Springer Press Publication


MArch Lecture on ‘Digital manufacturing and modelling’ techniques

University of Bath, UK



‘The Good Life’ Exhibition

Pier 40, New York, USA

Project with ATOPIA.

‘Milla Digital’ Competition

Zaragosa, Spain

Project with ATOPIA.


‘What If’ Exhibition

Bath, UK

Co-organizer and entrant in this exhibition, held at the Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution.

Antwerp Design Seminars & Lectures

Antwerp, Belgium

Participant in workshop run by Belgian digital artists Lab[au].


Further Information

Additional videos of projects and experiments are available via Vimeo, or use the links below.