RoboFold – Robotic Fabrication Projects

Projects with RoboFold, a South London-based robotic fabrication company.

Developed parametric processes to control and calibrate 6-axis ABB Robots, these robots can form curved folds in sheet materials – a process which has applications in product and furniture design, sculpture and full-scale architectural elements such as cladding and bespoke formwork.

See the Detailed Study on Curved Folding for more information.

Exemplar Project

A good overview of the entire RoboFold process is also provided in this paper:

“Robotic Lattice Smock: A Method for Transposing Pliable Textile Smocking Techniques through Robotic Curved Folding and Bending of Sheet Metal”

By Andrew Saunders and Greg Epps, that was presented at the Rob|Arch 2016 conference. This was one of the projects I worked on with RoboFold, so it’s great to see such a successful conclusion.

See images from the paper here:

Also see this video for some of the final pieces produced for the Saunders+RoboFold project:

Other Projects