2016 Serpentine Pavilion

AKT II were invited by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) to provide engineering expertise on the 2016 Serpentine Pavilion. As part of this work, I was involved in computational design+analysis on the pavilion, alongside a team of experienced Design Engineers at AKT II.

The cross-disciplinary design process between BIG, AKT II, FibreLine (the material manufacturers) and StageOne (the fabricators) was very interesting as it had to encompass design development, engineering analysis, material testing and fabrication in an extremely short time span.

The finished Pavilion is, I think, enormously successful – and more than that, it was very enjoyable collaborating with BIG to achieve their ambitious design. A great project to work on !

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I hope to discuss this project further here in future, possibly including some of my own photos of the design + fabrication + assembly process, and certainly including all the project members who made this possible… In the mean time these few photos give an excellent ideas about the finished Pavilion.

It was open to the public until 9th October 2016.

Please note: The two photos on this page, and the header image above, are all by Alan Tansey, who has produced a fantastic set of photos, that capture all the different aspects of the Pavilion. I highly recommended seeing the rest of his Serpentine photos here.

Project Team:

Client: Serpentine Gallery
Designer: BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group)

Structural Engineer (Superstructure): AKT II
Material Manufacturer: Fiberline Composites
Fabricator: Stage One

Project Role: Computational Designer at AKT II.


Further Information:

– Visit the Serpentine Gallery website here.
– Aaaaaand…. obligatory Twitter link.

– The Pavilion will move to Canada and be permanently installed in Vancouver – more information in this Dezeen article.



– I co-authored a paper on the computational and engineering challenges of the Pavilion – “The 2016 Serpentine Pavilion: A Case Study in Large-Scale GFRP Structural Design & Assembly” – which was published in Fabricate: Rethinking Design & Construction (2017 – UCL Press).
– The paper was presented at the Fabricate 2017 conference, by my colleagues Edoardo Tibuzzi and James Kingman.
– Read the paper online (for free!) here, or buy a hardback version.



– The Pavilion is a National Winner at the 2017 Civic Trust Awards, receiving an award in the Pro Tem category: presented to an “exemplar temporary building, structure or place”. More info here and here.

– And the Pavilion won an award at the 2017 Architizer A+ Awards – it won the ‘Popular Choice’ vote in the Pavilions category. Information here.




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