‘Vessel’ at Hudson Yards, by Heatherwick Studio

AKT II are the Concept Engineers on this 50m tall inhabited sculpture, and I was involved in computational design development for the project.

I worked with the team at Heatherwick to generate a single master parametric model, that incorporated all of the critical geometric, structural and fabrication constraints.

This model defined all major geometric elements (the primary structural interlayer, external and internal staircases, diaphragm plates, internal plate stiffeners, etc), and incorporated structural models and analysis processes, which were used by the engineering teams within AKT.

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The computational design process :

The construction process :

Project Team:

Project Status: Built in 2019

Client: Related
Designer: Heatherwick Studio

Structural Engineer (Design): AKT II
Structural Engineer (of Record): Thornton Tomasetti
Fabricator: Cimolai

Project Role: Computational Designer at AKT II


· I co-authored a paper on this project – “Hudson Yards Vessel, New York” – which was published in Fabricate 2020: Making Resilient Architecture (2020 – UCL Press).

· My co-authors are Pablo Zamorano and Peter Romvari (both from Heatherwick Studio), and AKT P.art colleague Edoardo Tibuzzi.

· Read the paper online (for free) at the UCL publication website here.